infobank comprises a suite of modules that are all accessed from a central control panel. The modules are described below.

infobank Data Server

Generally a company’s products can be organised into a hierarchy based upon the way different products are grouped together. infobank is based on a 5-level hierarchy. At the top level there are product categories used to separate basic product types. In each category there may be many product groups, each containing multiple products. Below this are individual product items, usually with unique codes, and sometimes a further level of varieties such as colours.

Any information can be associated with a record at any level in the hierarchy. For example a product category may have a description, a product group may have various technical details, a product may have a photograph, and so on. Each piece of information is defined as an attribute which can be just plain text, a link to a file, a URL or maybe a complete document.

The infobank Data Server may be installed on a desktop computer or server. Multiple client interfaces can connect to each Data Server. You can have multiple Data Servers in separate locations. infobank data is synchronised with the infobank server at Icon using the Internet.

Features include:

  • Backup function
  • Installation activation via e-mail
  • Configuration file type association (.ess) for Updater automation

infobank Product Browser

This is the main control console and displays the product hierarchy in a series of grids, one for each level. It is used to maintain all of your product information and allows you to easily add, delete or modify attributes at any level in the hierarchy.

Features include:

  • Internet synchronisation with the infobank server
  • Auto-correction
  • Auto-sequencing
  • Attribute types for specific data entry assistance and control
  • Attributes selectable from drop-down lists
  • Cross-references
  • One-click to move product to different group
  • Function to duplicate product including all attributes
  • Code search
  • Customisable names for infobank levels
  • Variable width columns
  • Move or duplicate items from one product to another whilst retaining all of their attributes and varieties
  • Editable timeouts for long processes
  • Update attributes globally and the Editor shows which records will be affected
  • Editable timeout settings
  • Advanced controls for editing different types of attributes
  • Group attributes to display together
  • View and edit the product sets for an individual item from Product Browser
  • Filter to display only those attributes with values
  • Product specific names
  • Calculated attributes and calculated names (using selected attribute)
  • Selectable options for adding to product sets on item insert

infobank Product Selector

This module allows you to create and save product sets for publishing with just a few clicks on the mouse.  It displays the products in a hierarchical tree-view presentation and you can simply tick at each level to include everything below.

You can create a product set for one section of your catalogue, a product set for new products only, a set for a specific customer or a specific market. These sets can then be used to produce your publications, whether in print, or on your website.

Features include:

  • Unlimited number of different product sets
  • Product set groups for different applications
  • Specific sequencing for each product set
  • Automatically create product set based on attribute values
  • Product Set Builder lets you create product sets using attributes 

infobank Data Exchange

This provides the means to exchange information with other computer systems, maybe your main ERP system or an Excel spreadsheet.

Features include:

  • Simple 5-step wizard interface
  • Import plain text files in fixed length or delimited format
  • Export CSV text or XML files.
  • Matches item codes and ignores redundant data
  • User-selectable fields for import

infobank Price Manager

This module allows you to calculate and manage multiple price sets for publishing or creation of price files. It saves all of the settings so that you can update a set simply by changing any of the settings.

  • Features include:
  • Simple 5-step wizard interface
  • Import or enter base prices
  • Import or enter percentage adjustments at any level in the product hierarchy.
  • User-specified rounding.
  • Import or enter special prices
  • Save unlimited price sets
  • Enables production of customer or market-specific price lists

infobank Publisher

This is for automatically creating printed documents or computer files.

Features include:

  • Produces Adobe InDesign publications
  • Simple 5-step wizard interface
  • Unlimited publications
  • Separate a publication into unlimited number of sections
  • Individual product set for each publication section
  • Individual price set for each publication section
  • Individual style template for each publication section
  • User-selectable attributes for each publication section
  • Complex table formatting
  • Automatic conversion of fractions
  • infobank islands: individually updateable publication regions
  • Complex tables with multiple attribute headers
  • Image captions
  • Automatic conversion and formatting of fractions
  • Crosstab grids let you have one attribute at the left and other attributes as column headers, with the matching product codes in the table body
  • Tables with row & column spans
  • Multiple threads within one publication
  • Compound objects for brochure and flyer publishing combine text and graphics automatically eg for price starbursts
  • Variable table templates which allow you to have product-specific layouts
  • Save notes for each publication and section
  • Multiple image element
  • Each element type displays different properties
  • Resizableeditor
  • Duplicate an output template
  • Publisher element style can now be selected from a drop-down list of all styles in the style template

infobank Image Gallery

For managing all of your digital images.

Features include:

  • Organise your images into catalogues and albums
  • Find images by name or keyword
  • View and print thumbnail images
  • Create formats for print and web
  • Automatically update all of the formats for each image
  • Automatically update your website