What is so special about an infobank website?

An infobank web site is a dynamic web site that constantly adapts itself to your changing product details. Pages are created automatically, on demand. So, as soon as the data is changed a new version of the page will be displayed when it is next requested. This is a no-maintenance solution that is permanently up-to-date.

What makes a good website

  • High quality content. Don’t just create an electronic brochure — people want depth of information.
  • Frequent updates. Users expect the site to be up-to-date.
  • Ease of use. Permanent navigation bars to switch between the main areas of the site and topic menus for each section to avoid the need to keep clicking the back button or returning to the home page.
  • Reliable search function. Don't just return a list of pages letting the user wade through the results. infobank can categorise the results and let the user choose the product attributes they require.
  • Up-to-date site map. Include a site map that is automatically updated.

It should also save you money. Think of the amount of time and people that you need to provide information over the telephone. Give users a simple and efficient way of getting that information themselves and suddenly they don’t need to ring up.

infobank Intellilinks

A good web site should offer more than your printed documentation. It should enhance your service by providing easier access to your information. Printed publications may be limited due to the cost of extra pages — websites are not. infobank lets you create links to more information, maybe static web pages or PDF documents, perhaps downloadable images. infobank intelligently checks for these links and only shows them if additional information exists.

infobank Catalogue Creator

infobank Catalogue Creator lets your website visitor browse your products and selecting just the ones that are of interest. He can then create his own mini-catalogue to print or send on by e-mail. Your sales and customer service staff can use this as a quick and efficient yet professional way to distribute product information.

infobank Pagelets

infobank Pagelets are created in pagebank and may contain text and images just like any web page. One or more Pagelets can be inserted into an infobank page template to provide additional richly formatted information on specific products.

infobank Intellimenus

infobank Intellimenus are created from pagebank categories where a large amount of additional information is required for a certain product. It appears in the product page as a menu or list of links which can cause the information to be displayed in situ or open in a separate window.

infobank Smart Selector

infobank Smart Selector provides a fast and easy way for users to find the right product. Depending upon which attributes you choose to use, Smart Selector displays the available values for the user to select their requirements.