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What is databank?

databank is an Internet application for managing user registration, document distribution and website activity tracking, including downloads and inquiries.

How does it work?

You login to databank via Icon’s website where you can create user registration forms, upload files and enter activities(activities can be document downloads, inquiries, or other website events. You can also set up alerts which automatically send an e-mail notification each time an activity occurs. databank records details of the activity together with who initiated it.

Why do you need databank?

If your website invites customers to download or request brochures and other information you need to know about them. databank tracks these requests, alerts you when they happen and displays statistics for you to analyse and take further action.

User registration

You can import a user list, enter new registrations or create a registration form for users to enter their details directly. On the first occasion that a user submits a notice they are prompted to register with their details. Thereafter the system recognises who they are by storing a cookie on their computer.

Form designer

databank’s form designer lets you create registration forms that can be used for one or more activities. You can decide exactly what questions you want to ask and what messages are displayed.

User profiling

databank uses the details provided by the user when they register together with the information that they access to provide powerful user profiling information. Apart from providing valuable feedback, this can be used in future communications.

Password Access

You choose if you want registered users to enter a password before they are able to request information. databank will issue a password automatically and send it by e-mail to the user.


If desired databank will notify you by e-mail each time an activity occurs. You can configure the alerts to be sent to different addresses for each state or for each activity type.


You can add activities for document downloads or for requests for printed brochures to be mailed, for example. Files can be uploaded directly to your website, sequenced and categorised to display where you want them.


databank lets you view the history of all activities. It shows the activity type (e.g. brochure, file download, inquiry, etc), the user and the date of the activity. You can view all activities for an individual user or compare total activities for each month to discover what information is being requested most.

databank can also provide detailed statistics on activities for other Icon services, including infobank products and pagebank pages.