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About surveybank?

surveybank is an Internet application for conducting research online.

Using just your Internet browser surveybank lets you create professional questionnaires and view and summarise the responses.

You login via the Icon website, which takes you to the surveybank website. surveybank lets you create a blank survey or duplicate and edit an existing one. You can preview the questionnaire and enter your own confirmation message.


Using the intuitive surveybank editor you can insert headings, sub-headings, questions, images and dividing lines. You can create standard answers which can be applied to multiple questions, choosing from different answer types including single line text box, multi line text box, multiple options or a drop-down list. surveybank has a set of built in answers including common rating scales but you are free to create your own.


Responses are listed separately for each survey that you create. You can view a list of surveys for any period by setting the start and finish date and surveybank lists the responses by date submitted. Click on an individual response to view or print an individual survey.


If desired surveybank will send an e-mail notification each time a survey is submitted. You can configure the alerts to be sent to a single address or different addresses for each state or for each survey type.


surveybank allows you to summarise and graphically display the results. You can show the results for any period by setting the start and finish date and you can filter them by user type or state. For multiple choice questions surveybank will show the a comparison bar chart and the number of responses for each answer. For text questions you can choose to show all answers, no answers or just the top ones.


Each survey has a unique URL to which you can link from a page on your website or from an e-mail. For finer control you can use mailbank to send out a highly targeted e-mail.