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What is pagebank?

pagebank is an Internet application for creating and managing pages for your website.

How does it work?

You login to pagebank  via the Icon website where you can create your pages and set properties to that control their appearance.

pagebank editor

pagebank provides a visual editor that helps you lay out and preview a website page. You can also create pagebank islands which are small part-pages that you can incorporate into another page, giving you great flexibility and control over your entire website.

You can upload pages created with another program, like Dreamweaver, Frontpage or GoLive, and use them in pagebank.

pagebank lets you add tables to assist with formatting and by placing one table inside a single cell of another table, complex layouts can be achieved.

Upload images to pagebank and they are saved in the pagebank gallery for you to use in your pages.
You can insert links to another pagebank page, an uploaded document, a surveybank questionnaire, or a web page anywhere on the Internet. You can choose whether the link displays in the same window or opens a new one.

pagebank categories

pagebank allows you to group your pages into categories, both to help you organise them and to display them as a group. For example each category can display on a different part of your website. So you could have a product news category that displays from a ‘News’ button on a menu, whilst another  category is linked to an ‘About us’ button.


A special feature allows you to create a list of links, an ‘Intellimenu’ to use elsewhere on your site. For example you can add a short list of links on your home page to show only the latest news articles whilst the News section of your website may contain a complete archive. This enables you to keep your home page changing with links to new content which will encourage your users to re-visit the site more often.

Or you can include an Intellimenu on a product page, letting  the user display more detailed information specific to that product.